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Structural engineering is a type of civil engineering that takes into account empirical knowledge, mathematics and physics to create the load bearing structures of buildings in a safe manner.

Contemporary structural engineering offers an extensive analysis of various materials and shapes that are used in structures to resist loads and stresses.

The Two Main Roles Of Structural Engineers

Ensure Everyday Structures Are Safe

The primary role of structural engineers is to ensure that everyday structures we use like tall buildings and bridges are perfectly safe. This means they are able to deal with applied loads and are sturdy enough to remain secure for years to come.

As part of structural engineering, construction materials in a large array of geometries and shapes are assessed to make sure they can resist the pressures of their environment like earthquakes, storms and gravity loads.

The safety of the public is the most important priority for every structural engineering professional. A collapsed structure would be a devastating event and could lead to serious injuries or fatalities. That’s why the safety of each building is a crucial aspect of every design project.

Provide Economical Solution For Projects

Structural engineers help understand the purpose of each project so they can offer a safe and economical solution for it to be finished successfully. This aspect of structural engineering usually consists of three phases: load calculation, structural analysis and design.

Standards and building codes are also used to estimate the weight of the building and if it is capable of dealing with additional loads from earthquakes, wind and snow.

Sometimes engineering software is used to analyse various types of structures. The software results provide a basis for the building mechanics and can be used to help design the main structural elements such as the foundations, vertical supports and floor systems.

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