What Size Cage Does a Degu Need?

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Although degus appear tiny, they are curious and active pets who require plenty of room to run around and play. Our veterinarians have put together some tips for finding the perfect home for your degu.

Degus are primarily ground dwellers, but they enjoy jumping, climbing, and gnawing on items, so their home should provide plenty of possibilities for them to do so. Degus require a lot of exercise, so make sure they have something to do in their environment to keep them occupied.

The Ideal Cage Should My Degus Have.

Degus require a lot of areas. Their floor space should be 100cm long by 50cm deep. They need extra floor levels of up to four times this amount to have enough floor area. It is designed for two degus, but give a larger house if you have a larger group.

Things That Every Degu Household Requires

What Size Cage Does a Degu Need

It’s critical to ensure that your degus’ house is safe from potential dangers. They’re notorious for being good escape artists, so keep an eye out for signs of attempted break-ins!

Temperature is critical to degus, and they should never be kept over 20°C. It is ideal for maintaining a consistent temperature of 18°C. If they grow too hot, your degus may become upset or suffer from heatstroke. It’s a good idea to put a thermometer in the room where they’ll be kept so you can make sure it doesn’t get too hot or cold for them.

Degus prefer natural light since they are active and sleep at night during the day. They have plenty of natural light but keep their cage out of direct sunlight because they are susceptible to heat. Also, keep their residence away from radiators.

Plenty of toys and activities to exercise are also essential for degus. They’ll be active for the majority of the day, so make sure they have plenty of activities to keep them occupied in their cage. Remember to vary their toys frequently to keep them from becoming bored.

Keep a close eye on your degus’ toys. Take them out and replace them if they break or become damaged, so you don’t endanger your degus.

A Few Pointers for Keeping Your Degus Happy At Home

The greater the size, the better. If you have more than two degus, remember to scale up.

The levels are satisfactory. Climbing, jumping, and exploring are all activities that degus enjoy, so look for enclosures with multiple levels, ramps, and platforms. Multi-level pens for ferrets and chinchillas are frequently available in pet stores. Always double-check the bars are tiny enough to prevent them from passing through.

It must be sturdy. Degus love to chew; therefore, a wire enclosure is preferable to a wood or plastic enclosure, but the floors should be substantial to prevent foot injury.

Consider a roof. Degus prefer to have a roof over their heads (or plenty of hiding places!). Because they are prey animals, any movement above their enclosure may cause them to become startled.

Degus, as previously stated, enjoy jumping and climbing! You can provide them with ascending branches made of pear, apple, or beech wood (and chew).

Degus are voracious diggers, so fill their enclosure with a thick layer of hay, shredded paper, and non-toxic wood shavings.

Baths in the dust. To keep their coat clean, degus enjoy taking dust baths (and because they love rolling in dust). After handling, please give them a 20-minute soak in a big shallow bowl with a heavy base, or at least three times per week. It is when pet store chinchilla dust comes in handy.

There are places to hide. When degus are terrified or wish to be alone, they will need a place to hide. It’s good to give them a few hiding spots in their enclosure.

Chewing and chewing toys Make sure your degus have various safe toys to chew on, such as cardboard, rope, and wooden toys. Plastic toys, as well as any wood, should be avoided.

Somewhere to build a nest. Your degus will require hay-filled nesting boxes in which to rest. In their nest boxes, you might also use shredded paper.

There are lots of places to run. A large, substantial exercise wheel is required for your degus to run. Degus in captivity can run extremely great distances, providing them with the exercise they would otherwise obtain foraging in the wild.

Their cage should be in a room with enough natural light.

Cleaning. Your degus’ enclosure will need to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning around the feeding area daily and the rest of the cage at least once a week is recommended.

What To Keep Away from Your Degus’ House

There are several significant no-nos when it comes to degu enclosures!

Exercise wheels with holes should not be used; your degus will need a sturdy exercise wheel to avoid harming their feet.

At the bottom of your degus’ enclosure, never use cat litter.

Please keep them in a fabulous house location, away from any draughts.

Glass tanks should never be used to keep degus. It might cause breathing difficulties and cause the body to get overheated.

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