Tips for grooming your Guinea Pig

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It is believed that guinea pigs require less grooming than other pets however, this doesn’t mean they require no grooming at all. Guinea pigs do some of their grooming, but they may need a little help from you. Grooming a guinea pig is quite simple to put in a small amount of time to get happy, healthy guinea pigs. However, guinea pigs bound for the show ring have more intense grooming requirements.

The following are ways to groom your guinea pigs.

Grooming Your Guinea Pig Baths

If your guinea pig gets dirty, you can groom by trying to do some cleaning of the spot with a baby wipe or a shampoo formulated for small animals. Never use a shampoo formulated for humans as this can make a guinea pig’s skin dry.

When you need to give your guinea pig a full-body bath, use only a guinea pig-safe shampoo and some lukewarm water that would only reach its belly. Never immerse your guinea pig in water and avoid getting water in its ears or eyes.

After rinsing thoroughly, gently dry with a towel, and then use a blow dryer on a low setting to dry its fur. Do this by keeping one hand between your guinea pig and the dryer so you know the temperature is never more than slightly warm at all times. Ensure your guinea pig’s fur is completely dry so it doesn’t get sick.

Cleaning is dependent on the type of Guinea pig you have. Guinea pigs (especially male Guinea pigs) have a functional grease gland at the base of their spine. This is a small area of skin on top of the anus which gets very greasy and matted. This area could also stink. If you have a guinea pig who undergoes matting and has an odour in this area, examine it every day bearing in mind that you would need to do butt baths. If you find butt baths uncomfortable, gently clean the gland using a cotton swab soaked in an animal-friendly cleaning agent. You can discuss other ways to clean this gland with your guinea pig groomer.

Grooming Your Guinea Pig Coat

Caring for Your Guinea Pig

Grooming your guinea pig’s coat prevents matting of the fur,  helps redistributes oil, and stimulates its skin. To do this, you could use a soft-bristled pet brush, grooming glove, or comb. However, you need to find out what your guinea pig likes and what works well for you by carrying out experiments using different animal-friendly grooming brushes and items. Be gentle when brushing to avoid hurting your guinea pig.

Shorthaired breeds need brushing at least every few days and Longhaired breeds need it daily. Your longhaired guinea pig would constantly get dirt in his or her coat, you might consider trimming the fur so it won’t drag on the floor.

When brushing your Guinea Pig, pay attention to your body overall. Do you notice or sense any lumps or bumps? Discuss anything abnormal you notice with your veterinarian.

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Grooming Your Guinea Pig Nails

Guinea pigs need regular nail trims. When you see the prick of overgrown nails or our guinea pig tries to walk on overgrown nails, nail trimming becomes necessary.

Your Guinea Pig’s nail should be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. Your guinea pig-savvy groomer can show you how to trim guinea pig nails.

When grooming its nails, try not to trim into” the quick” -the blood vessel at the center of its nail. Trim just the very tip of its nail.

Keep corn starch nearby in case you do nick the quick and a nail starts to bleed.

If trimming seems difficult, get a specialist to do it for you.

Grooming Your Guinea Pig Ears

Your pigs can build up ear wax in the outer folds leading to them getting ear mites.

Make ear inspection a weekly grooming routine.

Never insert anything into its ear. If you see anything abnormal, contact your pig specialist.

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