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Skylight Glazing

Mostly we wanted a skylight glazing to improve our home’s energy efficiency. There is a different kind of skylights are available in the market for this purpose,

but you have to decide on the orientation and the climate of your surroundings. you may even want different types of glazing for different skylights throughout your home.

Skylight glazing can be consisting of either plastic or glass. Other glazing technologies may also be used for solar heat control.

Plastic vs glass glazing

Plastic glazing is usually inexpensive but less reliable than glass glazing because their surface can easily scratch and they become brittle and lose its colors as time pass.

But there is also a plus point that it is hard to breakable. Glass can be easily broken but more durable than plastic because it has no scratched or loses its color charm for ages.

All glass used for this task is made on the SAFETY GLAZING base.

Both tempered and laminated glass made a perfect skylight for your house which keeps away the risk of glass from breaking into large and sharp pieces.

Roof Light is often made with tempered glass on the exterior side and a laminated pane on the interior side.

This arrangement gives maximum impact resistance while protecting occupants from falling shards of glass.

Solar heat control glazing

This is great for anyone who wants to brighten up a darker room without having to deal with the inevitable increase in temperature.

skylights are located on the roofs, they can result in large amounts of unwanted summertime solar heat gains and winter time heat losses.

Manufacturers use various glazing technologies to reduce these impacts. The most common technologies include those also used for window glazing:


  • Heat-absorbing tints
  • Insulated glazing (double-glazed, triple-glazed)
  • Low-emissivity (low-E) coatings

Some manufacturers even install a translucent insulation material between several glazing layers to create a more thermally efficient assembly. It is mostly used in commercial offices to maintain a pleasant working environment.

Triple Vs Double Glazing

Triple Vs Double Glazing

Triple or double glazing both are good but the questions is that which suits you best.


  • The extra glazing makes a huge difference to thermal performance
  • Extra glazing leads to better noise insulation
  • Double and triple glazing can reduce condensation
  • The extra layers help reduce energy consumption
  • Double and triple glazing tends to be more secure, purely because dealing with three panes is tougher than dealing with one

Advanced Glazing

The Advanced glazed is an extra film that is installed in the airspace of a single glass unit which makes it heavier than normal window or double glazing.

The most important benefit of it that it makes your room cooler in summer. It is ideal for a place which is facing lots of sunlight which is also harmful to the furniture in it.

In the long term, it will dry the leather, wrap wood and fade its color. Advanced glazing block ninety-nine percent of all UV rays from reaching your place.

It is not available everywhere but if you are dealing with a technology company like skylights than they will guide you in this matter.

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