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Luxury & Quality Student Accommodation in Sheffield


Whether you yourself are starting university this year, are soon approaching the 2nd or 3rd year or perhaps you are a worried and frantic parent; Sheffield is a great option for education and student accommodation.

Safe & Affordable, Over the Years Sheffield has built itself up to be a City Worth Exploring.

With an abundance of museums, galleries, restaurants and housing in the areas around both educational institutions, you can rest-assured that leaping into your new life at university will not only be educational but fun, entertaining and a great place to meet up with your new uni crowd.

For decades, Caplands Properties has been the lead resource when it comes to student accommodation in this city. With options on shared houses, rooms and flats;

we can help you find the right home for you and your classmates. Regardless of where in the city you are looking to live, we have availability and housing darted all around so finding something that suits your needs should not be a problem.

With eateries, nightlife, shopping and cultural institutions a mere walking distance from most places it is not hard to see why Sheffield has become one of the biggest student towns in the country.

Moving to a new place can be scary, making new friends and getting the lay of the land can seem daunting but with a city like Sheffield on your doorstep there are6 chances all over the city to socialise to get caught up in a show or gig, to take in the beautiful sights of the Botanical Gardens or the Peak District. It’s almost impossible to get lonely in a city like Sheffield.

Contact us today for information in availability for accommodation both near the campus or further in the town centre.


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