Seeing is Believing but Experiencing is Better

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Seeing is believing…

Can you get the benefit of curb appeal if you are not on the street? In a word, yes!

The single most important part of the real estate business is the look of the property. Once a first good impression has been set, it is near impossible to go off that thought.

Your eyes, thoughts, and emotions make up their mind incredibly quickly and when they work in unison, well, that is the Real Estate dream!

For us at Sandra Davidson, we are aware of the changes to the industry and how the market place views open listings.

There was a time that a simple photograph in the window of a Real Estate Agents shop window was the way to get a buyer’s attention,

but now, whilst the photos in the shop windows still exist and still serve a purpose, there are more ways to sell a house.

With online information and photography more available, there is still more than the industry is getting involved in.

Virtual Reality Technology

is becoming a buyer’s best friend.

Let me paint you a picture… You want to move to a new house, you want more for your family, more for your money, your job is taking you to a new town and you want this new home to be the home you stay in, for a while at least.

BUT life is busy, you still need to work, take the children to school, run your house and deal with the endless jobs on your to-­‐do-­‐list.

We get it!

Even with all the advanced technology we have, life hasn’t got any less hectic though you still need to find a new home, so what now?

A Virtual Reality system allows a huge number of potential buyers to visit the properties, creating a real bartering buzz for the seller and easier access for the potential buyer.

Interactive, 360 degree viewing at your convenience allows you, as a buyer, to be completely immersed in the world of the home you might be buying.

Whether it is a new build that is yet to be built or a home that is far away from your current location, you need not miss out on your new home because of logistics.

You can be transported into a space that can automatically make you feel as though you are living in that property.

Virtual Reality Technology

  • Saving time
  • Creating an instant sense of ownership for the property
  • Geographical unrestrictive
  • Giving you a genuinely emotive pull

VR technology really ticks all the sense test boxes for clients who are making a large purchase.

A lot of house buying comes down to feelings, so it would be irresponsible for Estate Agents to not take that into consideration when finding more efficient ways to sell.

With a proven track record for high client engagement and genuine traction on leads, this is becoming the newest and most convenient method for buying a house.

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