One Of The Best Sound Stage Studios In London

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If you are looking for a sound stage studio in London, look no further than Mount Pleasant. It is a professional film and television studio that is based in London near the West End.

Since its opening, it has been used to broadcast a variety of productions on Channel 5, Disney, Discovery Channel and BBC studios.

Here are some of the features that allow it to have one of the best sound stages in London.

Features Of One Of The Best Sound Stages In London

A Large Stage


Mount Pleasant only has one sound stage but it is big enough to hold your entire crew, clients, artists and production team.

As a renowned sound stage studio in London, its dimensions are 41’ deep, 31’ wide and 15’ high. The stage is fully soundproof and contains a U-shaped infinity cove as well as consisting of fully dimmable spacelights and cyclights.

Not to mention, access to other useful rooms such as an industrial kitchen, shower room, makeup room, changing room and green room.

State-Of-The-Art Lighting

To ensure maximum aesthetics and the right setting, this sound stage in London also has a range of advanced in-house lighting. This includes 4 Arri SkyPanel S-60 C lights, Arri T12 AK’s, Kinoflos and a Dedo Kit. Besides providing further equipment at competitive prices.

Modern Camera Technology

Furthermore, they can offer any camera system that is needed for your production in London as well as high-tech elements like high speed and motion control. In addition, a large array of industry contacts to help you get whatever equipment you require.

Super Fast Broadband

As one of the best sound stage studios in London, Mount Pleasant has a 150mb/sec high-speed fibre broadband too, which is perfect for live streaming virtual events, shoots and remote filming. 

If you would like to hire our sound stage studio in London, email us at or give us a call on 0207 837 1957. We will be happy to discuss your booking and talk in further detail about the outstanding features our sound stage provides.


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