How To Remove A Tree From Your Garden

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Removing a tree from your garden can be extremely important for the health of your plants. Trees that are too big can block sunlight as well as interfere with your plant’s roots if they grow too close. Here are practical tips on how to safely remove a tree from your garden.

Tips On How To Remove A Tree

Spray A Chemical Solution

The best way to remove a tree without physically cutting it down is to spray a chemical solution of water-soluble herbicide and glyphosate into the tree. You can do this by making a small incision and then spraying the chemicals.

This should kill the tree within 6 weeks but sometimes you may need to repeat the process to ensure it works.

A slower method of getting rid of the tree in this regard is to remove the tree bark from the trunk and then apply two cuts around the tree’s circumference. Then put in the herbicide to quicken the time it takes for the tree to die.

There is a chance that this method could take several months to be effective. Hence, if you need to remove a tree urgently this is not the best protocol, especially if it is causing harm to plants around it or damaging your property.

Hire A Gardening Professional

Gardening professionals are experts when it comes to removing a tree. If you want to save time and reduce the risk of harming yourself, this is an ideal option.

A professional gardener will remove your tree by cutting all the branches and limbs first. If the tree is small they will start with the limbs that are lower down and then progress to the top part. These gardening experts will often have high-tech equipment like a pruning saw to get rid of the tree canopy too.

As for larger trees, you should invest in professional tree surgeons who have access to all the tools needed for tree removal without hurting the rest of your garden. Not to mention, the skills to avoid being seriously injured during this process.

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