How to Protect a Building Site Against Theft and Vandalism

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The construction industry is often victim to targeted criminal activity including theft, vandalism and fly tipping. A lack of security can make easy work for criminals and can cost the construction site owners a lot of money in repairs and replacements. Therefore, as a construction site owner you may want to seriously consider a security plan, this may be made up of a number of factors such as CCTV, building site dog patrolling and alarms. Below we have outlined some methods of protection you can use.

1) Accountability
The first thing you can do to minimise security risks is to make sure all of your staff are accountable and responsible for any equipment they may sure. To do this ensure they keep a record of what equipment they use, and that they lock it up at the end of the day.

2) Community
It can be useful to display signs asking for your local community to report any suspicious or antisocial behaviour. You might want to provide a telephone number or email address so that the community around your property can quickly get in touch if they see anything unusual.

3) Intruder Alarms
One security measure you can consider is an intruder alarm. Many intruders will assess a building site before they intrude, to see whether there is anything inside worth stealing. A good intruder alarm can make it clear to them that your site is very secure, and can discourage them from attempting to break in.

Installing CCTV can also act as a strong deterrent against criminal activity as intruders do not want to run the risk of being caught. In the event that there is an intrusion, CCTV can be important when it comes to catching and persecuting offenders.

5) Building Site Dog Patrolling
Certain security companies can offer building site dog patrolling services. You may want this surveillance 24/7, or you may want to keep a fast response dog patrolling team on a retainer so that they can get to your building site quickly in the event of a break in. All building site dog patrolling team are extremely well trained and qualified to protect your property and its contents.

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Forming a Security Plan

To build a solid security plan you may want to implement one, or all, of these factors, from accountability tracking right through building site dog patrolling. It all depends on your property, its contents and whatever you are comfortable with. To find out more speak to a qualified security team for their professional opinion.

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