How To Pass CBT Test With Ease

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If you want to get your motorbike licence, the first thing you will need to do a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course.

The CBT test is a compulsory necessity for all new riders. CBT will give you the basic level of experience to ride a motorcycle on the road.

What is CBT?

A CBT is a course, rather than a test. You will be taught everything from moving the bike to using the stands through in order to ride safely on the road.

A coach will judge you throughout the day and if everything is fine you will be considered as safe to ride different motorbikes depending on your age.

CBT will expire in two years and then needs to be recaptured unless you pass your full bike test in that time.

CBT is a course consist of five foundations that designed to give new riders the necessary skills to ride alone on the road.

There are seven tips below here that everybody needs to consider before riding a motorbike.

      • Research the training school
      • Check your eyes sight
      • Ride a bicycle
      • Revise the highway codes
      • Wear proper clothes
      • Get to know your bike
      • Make mistakes safely

Training schools and instructors are a very important part of this course.

Conduct research to find out the best training school and instructors by reading reviews of people and communicating with experienced persons.

Every training school must check each applicant’s eyesight before starting the course. If your eyesight is weak, you will be ineligible for the course.

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