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Our gardens often get neglected in the UK as the cold, wet winters aren’t very pleasant for home gardening and then before you know it summer has come around again and it’s too late to do any work. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, or you are particularly green fingered, your front and back garden aren’t likely to be high on your priorities list.

Fortunately, there are huge selection of gardeners who can give your garden the TLC it deserves and get it looking green and lush. All you need to do is hire the help of a garden maintenance company. Before you do that, you might want to get an idea of what a garden maintenance company can do for you, and how much you might expect to pay.

What Can You Expect to Pay for Garden Maintenance?

There isn’t an exact answer to how much a garden maintenance company will charge, the price depends on a number of things and the individual pricing scheme of the company. Below are some of the factors that will be taken into consideration when pricing your project.

How Much Does Garden Maintenance

1) Area size
What is the area of your garden, is it flat, hilly or on several levels? Are there certain areas that are difficult to access? All these factors will play a part in determining the price.

2) Condition
This one is fairly obvious, if your garden is in relatively good condition it might only need some sprucing which is unlikely to cost too much. If it is severely overgrown, then the project will take much longer and the price will be higher.

3) What plants do you want?
The larger the variety of plants in your garden the more fertilising, pruning and all-round ongoing care they will need, and so your garden maintenance company may have to keep returning to look after them, which will then be reflected in the price.

4) Equipment and materials
All garden maintenance companies will come equipped with the tools they need to perform standard taks. But if there is a specific feature you would like that requires extra attention this may incur an additional fee.

5) Number of gardeners needed
A team of two or three gardeners will get the job done much quicker than a solo gardener. Even if the price per hour is more for a team than it is for a solo gardener, you might save money in the long run.

6) Season
During the winter months our gardens are less likely to require special attention, spring and summer are when gardens ‘wake up’ and need special attention. Therefore, the high demand for garden maintenance companies can drive up prices in summer.

So, what are the Prices?

Each garden maintenance company has its own pricing scheme and standard charge, and these costs vary hugely and can be affected by all the factors about but also by where in the UK you are. As a rough guide you can imagine paying between £20-110 per hour on average. Most gardeners will also require a two-hour minimum charge.

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