Where Can I Purchase A Gold Plating System From?

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Range of Gold Plating System

There is a range of gold plating System plating items and kits to choose from for any related service you would like to carry out. Before settling on a specific kit, the most crucial factor to consider is what will be the purpose of your electro-plating requirements.

Jewellers, dental labs, and PCB manufacturers all use different gold-plating systems. The most common places you are most likely to find gold plating systems at use are aerospace and engineering companies, model makers, jewellers, hobbyists and entrepreneurs in the gold plating industry.

Online Retailers

Gold plating services and systems and Gold plating kits are available almost in all established retailing online platforms. The kits are available in all models, shapes, sizes, and price ranges. The advantage of these online platforms is that the kits come with descriptive features and images for the buyer to choose from. Commonly used online platforms to purchase these kits are

While making these online purchases, it is essential to stay woke as scammers are many. Looking for reviews made is one way of authenticating genuine online dealers. You could also choose to stick with the established platforms that have built a name and reputation for themselves.

Gold Plating Services

Gold plating services is an established company that has claimed its space in the gold-plating world. They provide award-winning Customisation and gold plating services ranging from plating kits, gold solutions, pre-treatment solutions, and custom platinized electrodes. The method of plating for their kits is bench-top brush plating. Gold-solution used with these kits achieves cobalt hardness, 24k – type 1 & 2, grade c gold deposit.

These kits cannot plate aluminium, titanium, and zinc surfaces as these metals require some sophisticated industrial pre-plating and treatment. Gold plating services and plating kits from this company come with a detailed user guide in written form and a video demonstration of its operation. The features are also listed for the buyer to see and make an informed buying decision.

Gold Plating Manufacturers & Suppliers

There are dozens of easily accessible gold plating manufacturers and suppliers in the market. They include electro-Spec, Inc., Advanced Plating Technologies, Unitech Industries, Inc., to mention but a few. These companies share their location, product descriptions, and contact information on their websites for customers to place orders and make inquiries, although many choose to purchase from the websites already mentioned.

Aviation-related industries

The aerospace engineering companies have made a heavy investment in plating services. Planes and the boom in electric cars that are being built require some highly professional plating touch. For this reason, the industry devotes resources to research and development of plating equipment.  Besides aviation services and consultancy, several of these companies offer products such as gold plating systems. A quick surf on the internet will show you the companies that are offering the product.

In conclusion, gold-plating systems as well as gold plating services can be accessed from many sources. The customer’s specifications, the purpose of plating, and location will determine the outlet that he/she settles on that offers convenience and security. The systems range from small, compact home-use machines to sophisticated industry-level systems.


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