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MYLANDS is home to decades of expertise and knowledge. With an abundance of options for your painting needs, we are proud to have built and grown with our customers in mind.

Our team has been trained and developed their knowledge over the years, meaning we are proud to be London’s premier supplier of paint for professionals and residential purposes.

Color of London

An area our staff have been quizzed on frequently is the best options for exterior paint, so we thought we would tell you more.

Masonry Exterior Paint is a Great Way to Spruce up Your Home or Workspace.

Giving the Masonry Exterior of your building a good lick of paint can encourage more foot traffic for businesses, an increase in valuation for your home as well as making it more impressive, cleaner looking place.

At MYLANDS we stock an array of paints that are particularly suited for external use. The paint incorporates a combination of weather-resistant, thick consistency and easy to apply substances that effectively provide a strong and durable paint to face the external elements.

One of the most sensible purposes for painting the outer side of your building is to protect your property from harsh weathers which can damage your property over time and leave you exposed to the elements to a detrimental degree including in some cases insect infestation or damage.

Upgrading your property by painting the exterior improves not only the feeling you have towards your property but encourages and promotes other buildings around you to do the same – this can be incredibly positive for the area and can drive up the prices of the area.

 It is always wise to look after the exterior of your home especially if you are considering selling at some point. Aesthetically it is more pleasing, plus with less damage, you can get a fairer price in the long run.

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