Experts in Arranging Structured Development Finance

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Obtaining Finance for any of your projects can seem daunting. With so many contradicting pieces of advice and information on successfully acquiring a loan, knowing what is best for your circumstances can feel frustrating and overwhelming.

A particular area of expertise for us is arranging our clients with Structured Development Finance.

So, what exactly is Structured Development Finance?

When you break it down, Structured Development Finance is ascertaining a loan for a structured development that includes, for the most part, property development.

This could range in scale from private single-use residential property renovations to large commercial property development opportunities.

Gaining this kind of finance can be incredibly beneficial for your portfolio growth while being a relatively flexible way to gain finance for your project.

How can we at Fintex help you?

At Fintex, our highly qualified team work with you to ensure you are getting the service you need. We explain every area so that all areas are transparent.

Quite separately to the way a mortgage might work, at Fintex we provide loans based on our assessment of the property value AND your reliability and eligibility.

What makes us experts in our forecasting. Forecasting the value of your finished article means we lend on where we think you will end up rather than from where you start.

We can help with bookending the entire project;

Our bespoke service means you get personal treatment. Finance is a complex business and variable factors affect each project and individual differences.

We understand this and so without personal solutions, we can give you the best possible service based on your planning, financial needs and portfolio piece; this means we can do our job well and leave you to get on with yours.

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