Exceptional Paint is more than just for Your walls

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No matter what needs a spruce up in your home, we at Paint know our exceptional paint is more than just for your walls.

With a variety of options available, one thing we pride ourselves on is consistency; our paints maintain the highest level of excellence for all your painting needs.

Our skilled and well-­‐trained staff are informed and ready to help you find the product that is right for your home.

Not all rooms require the same attributes of ingredients that one paint sample might have over another.

We are experts in paint and as such have a unique, tried and tested approach so we can provide you with the right products for the perfect outcome.

For us, we are proud to offer a variety, one paint style might be better suited to damper conditions or is more resistant to constant treading.

The robustness and uniqueness of our products set us apart from other companies.

So, what if you need an array of paints for the whole house, let us give you a guide to our available options that will work for you and your home:

Mylands Pait

Spray Paint

produces a mirror-like finish with a smooth and even finish. Incredibly durable and highly sustainable.

Masonry Paint

is great for adverse weather conditions, making it a great paint for external use. It is immensely useful for protecting your walls against extreme weather, meaning it lasts longer.

Bathroom Paint

 is often high gloss as it protects the color from water damage, most paints have a built-­‐in water-­‐resistant ingredient, but an extra high gloss often works well for a bathroom finish, it compliments tiles and is strong enough to withstand damp conditions.

Floor Paint

coating your floor in the paint might seem odd but trust us when we tell you we can provide you will durable hard-­‐wearing paint that can withstand a constant flurry of foot traffic and furniture moving.

The beauty of floor paint is that it almost instantaneously brightens, refreshes and gives the illusion of more space in any room.

The shiny surface is incredibly appealing, giving the whole space a lift.

Whatever part of your home you want to refresh or renew, we have bespoke, durable and plentiful options along with a professionally informed team who can assist, guide and inspire you.

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