I Bought a Property with the help of an Estate Agent

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Buying a property is a momentous moment in anyone’s life, though incredibly daunting.

Advice and tips litter the internet, but how do you know what information is right for you.

Seemingly small mistakes can become hugely expensive; resulting in delays, costs and in some cases legal implications.

Having the support of a professional when it comes to selling your house can truly make all the difference when it comes to the process and final sale.

We at Sandra Davison, understand the process of selling property inside and out, we know the legalities, the discrepancies, and we know our clients so we can keep them abreast at every stage.

Buying a home is hugely personal, so providing a personal touch to our services makes sense to us and our clients.

So, why use an estate agent:

Support and Guidance

This might seem a bit on the nose but having a sounding board for support really does make a difference, particularly if they have expert knowledge and insight.

Estate Agents know the market, understand the area you are selling into and are keen to get the best possible deal for you. It makes sense all round.

Marketing and Negotiating

With a database flooded full of potential buyers, using an estate agent from the get-go can be beneficial for saving time and additional costs.

Negotiating is par for the course when it comes to salespeople, negotiating is a big part of what expert estate agents do,

we at Estate Agent Today Limited have a professional and experienced team ready to help sell your house through our website, online profile, shop window as well as creating opportunities for you to get the best outcome.

The Chain

Dealing with the conveyancing chain can be a lot of work, can be complicated and can be expensive if there are any mistakes or delays.

Having someone who can assist and supervise these areas of the sales process can be hugely helpful.

Sandra Davidson

We can deal with the viewings, negotiations, meetings, agreements and legal issues meaning you don’t have to.

At Estate Agent Today Limited, we want to give you an efficient, knowledgeable, savvy experience, where reliability is at the forefront of everything we do.


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