The London Housing Market is showing signs of “Bottoming out”, According to a report released today from Rightmove.

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A report was recently realized by Rightmove on the current environment surrounding the London Housing Market and how they believe we are reaching an imminent tipping point.

This kind of “bottoming out” as Rightmove has put it, is suggesting that we have reached the lowest possible point and from here on, the only way is up!

They are expecting a rise in asking prices and sales, it is slow but steady.

With prices levelling out, rather than the dipping they have been doing over the last 5 years, the consensus is that London is recovering from this housing depression.

However, this isn’t the first time this conversation has been discussed.

With more properties on sale and housing issues affecting hundreds of Londoners each year, are things really changing for the better?

With the country on the brink of a recession, uncertainty is ripe in the air.

The housing market has been in flux for a while and with Brexit homing in on that 31st October deadline, we are in turbulent times in the UK, that much we do know.

If Rightmove is right about this, this could just be the best time for the country to start buying properties again.

Do check out Rightmove’s article and have your say.

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