The Different Types of Marble Tiles

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Marble tiles are a crucial part of the decoration in homes. They come in a large array of colours and each type of marble can be identified by its patterns and texture. Whichever marble tile you choose, it is certain to create an eye catching effect that brings your house to life.

Types of Marble Tiles Designs

Crema Marfil

The Crema Marfil is from Spain and can be distinguished by its yellowish colour and non-uniform pattern. It usually has veins that are spread around the tile and do not flow in a specific direction.


This tile also comes from Spain. Similar to Crema Marfil, it has irregular veins that don’t display an obvious pattern. However, its base colour tends to be a lot darker, in particular, brown. Hence, it is perfect in the vicinity of fireplaces and populated floors where there is lots of movement.


Calacatta is a luxury stone design from Italy and it has a white greyish surface and thick-patterned veins. Due to its colour, this marble tile is appropriate for royal-looking kitchens and bathrooms. It is often mistaken with Carrara, an alternate marble tile.


Statuary marble has a white background and light grey veins that are uniform in their pattern. Its appearance makes it ideal to lighten up any room and can blend well with a range of furniture. This marble tile is seen as a sister stone to Carrara which we will discuss next.


Carrara is an amazingly popular marble tile that is used in bathrooms to improve the decor. It comes in a few different colours like white, grey and blue but always keeps the same pattern of linear veins. Due to mostly being used in sculpture and building decor, this tile has an eminent feel about it.

Background of Marble

Marble tiles are one of the oldest forms of decoration in homes and other properties. This material was used in Ancient Greece and the Roman Era to symbolise wealth and prosperity. It is not by chance that many marble statues were erected. These are iconic and reputable buildings that we admire until this day.

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