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Just because winter is coming let’s not forget the benefits of having a fully functional air conditioning service all year round…

With these warm autumns we’ve been having, you can forgive us for thinking it still feels like summer.

At AC Installs LTD,

AC Installs LTD

We understand the positive and exclusive benefits of having year-round air conditioning in your commercial or residential property.

With expert and professional installation contractors on hand, you will be assured of first-­‐class, safe and reliable products and services.

So, whether your requirements are for your home, office space, gym or workout studios, we are here to provide a trustworthy service from a reputable team of professionals.


There is a flurry of advantages for installing these units including:


  • Creating an optimum environment for work out spaces adapting temperatures to suit the needs of your clients is a simple yet vital way to ensure high-­‐end customer service for your
  • If you are at home, you will find adjusting and ensuring you have the right temperature and air for a good and comfortable night’s sleep means better health, more productive and an overall increase in positive
  • Properly installed air conditioning units are great for office spaces, shops, factories and warehouses; anywhere that require a large active workforce. An increase in work performance and productivity is just a
  • Air-­‐conditioning whether used in the house or work also equates to a cleaner and more sterile environment. Parasites and bugs tend to be less present in organizations and residencies that are fully air-conditioned; providing protection for you, your family, colleagues, customers and even your


Additionally, to repairs, installation, maintenance and expert advice in heating, air-­‐conditioning and full property ventilation, you can count on us to provide an experienced, professional ethos that suits your needs.

At AC Installs LTD our focus is on great customer service.

With modern and reliable options, we can help you to decide on the most appropriate unit for your property. Once we install it, safely and reliably, we then bookend the process by ensuring you get a quality and high-­‐level service of aftercare.

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