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Splash back is the biggest necessary of the kitchen. A Glass Splashbacks is a panel of material is used in spaces such as kitchens and glass
shower screens
to protect walls and other surfaces from splashes.

In the bathroom, they are often placed behind sinks and around bathtubs to prevent mold and mildew developing as a result of damp from the split, sprayed or splashed water.

Kitchen Splash Backs ;

For kitchen glass splashback are the most suitable one because it can absorb the heat of the stove and you can easily clean the spots of oil and other things. In these days. you can also use it in different colors and styles to enhance the charm of your kitchen and bathrooms.

Mirror glass is a little bit costly than Acrylic or plastic splashback. It also gives you an illusion of glass and you can install it by your own self on the other hand if you are interested in glass splash back. It should be 6mm thick and not less than 30mm wide during cutting.

In short, you need a professional person to do it for you. Acrylic Splashback is easily scratched and is not suitable for use a direct heat source because it can easily melt its surface.

The glass splashback is heavier and thicker than it but more durable. The thickness of the glass gives its stunning depth of color and everlasting look. When you are buying a splashback for your kitchen always prefer the quality of the product.

The biggest point is here that whatever you want to install it should be looked attractive as appearance and durability of a long time. It should give your place a luxury looks. We are offering you unlimited colors and designs in it.

We also offering you a long time warranty for our product. The smoothness and thickness of splashback are always counted. We assure you that whatever you are purchasing from us its worth according to its cost.

We are not putting you under the burden of extra charges. We also give free consultation about installation, if you are facing any issues about it. For free advice, you can call us at any time.


We are not taking any extra delivery charges or exorbitant fees of cutting splash back from you. It is going to be the exact size you want. The trust of our purchaser is the biggest reward for SKY GLASS LTD


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