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Bike riding is the most dangerous ride among all because sat on a vehicle which is inherently designed to fall over. To make this ride easy, you need a license but without clearing CBT test you can’t fulfill your desire. So you have to find a good trainer for yourself because training is simply a way of accelerating your experience to covering the speed, smoothly. CBT test has no syllabus at all but you can get full license through it. It all depends on how attentive your trainer is.

The selection of the good trainer is the key of the success in this test. A person who truly believes in your abilities and train you for life time. In CBT test which things are important to know

  1. How to control the speed of the bike.
  2. How to change gears.
  3. Start, stop and balance the bike.
  4. How to maintain your bike.
  5. Knowledge of road rules and regulations.
  6. Learning to steer, and how to deal with the traffic on the road.
  7. Understanding of the English signs and the Highway code
  8. Alpha motorcycle training planned this short course to get full benefit in less time.If you pass this test , you will qualified for a two years period and as such you do not need to take a theory test , you must however pass one before any motorcycle test can be taken. Our training courses make sure that you can ride safely on your own while you practice for your full moped or motorcycle test. After you’ve completed CBT, you can ride a motorcycle up to 125cc and with a power output of up to 11kW if you are more than 17 years old or over.


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