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When you buy an expensive carpet for your living room, you want nobodyput a step on it so it does not become old so soon. It becomes a piece of charmas long as possible but

These are the biggest enemies of your carpets. It is not easy to wash a heavy carpet on a daily bases. The vacuum helps you get rid of dust particles but cannot cure your carpet of strain diseases. Especially a sticky piece of chewing gum makes your life hell but after my long hilarious experiences, I can only advise you to use an ice cube on bubble gum to make it hard and unstick. After this you can remove it very easily, now we talk about stains chocolate or chocolate drinks. You have to make a quick move, on the other hand, it becomes difficult for you to remove it. First You have to use a butter knife to remove all the particles for avoiding spreading it and after this for a quick homemade stain remover, mix a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent with 2cups warm water Apply with a soft toothbrush without rubbing it and leave it for five to ten minutes. Try to soak up the stain with a dry towel or layer paper towel by putting some heavy stuff on it but remember that you cannot rub it. You should not expect to remove chocolate strain at one-time try. You have to apply again and again until you don’t see it all. You have to use a clean towel every time. Do not lose hope when you are doing this work because it is continuing but slow process.  Try to dry it with your hair blower later.

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After all this effort you can’t satisfied with your workthan you can call a professional carpet cleaner to remove strain for you.

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