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A new study suggests that a growing number of London’s woman is preferring Botox Fillers on ageing preventing cosmetics because it is more effective and reliable. We live in a beauty-obsessed society that is why a line free face is increasingly the norm for in middle age. Botox is a brand name used by the Allergan company for its product, a form of botulinum toxin that is used to treat many conditions. However, it’s best known today as an agent that relaxes facial muscles.s

There are people who do it as a form of self-care and it makes them feel good, and there’s no problem at all with that. After every six months each treatment of Botox costing approximately 300 euro a time. They do not consider this too high a price to pay given that many women spend more on skin care products that can not ultimately wrinkle from forming and deepening. When it’s injected into the face it relaxes and stops muscles from working, which effect of smoothing out wrinkles.

 Microdermabrasion of the facial skin

This method has been used since the 1970s in medication field, and till that time no side effects have been seen of it, so I am fairly sure it is safe, but if you used for a long and continuous period of time, it stops working but that case is very rare. It is just an aid to recover your face cells which are used on dynamic lines and wrinkles around the upper face, not the lower part of the face, where fillers are used instead.

Awareness of the Botox Injections

These are usually based on hyaluronic acid and can be used around the mouth and lower face, where they plump out the area and create volume without stopping muscle movement. In London, there are many clinics who are offering Botox treatments, but only a plastic surgeon and dermatologist can do it, properly. With an efficient experience it this field. While Botox has best known for its cosmetic uses, it’s also widely prescribed for the treatment of excessive sweating conditions, bladder conditions, migraine treatment and for treating chronic pain.

As a general guideline, you should expect to pay a minimum of €250 as a starting point for Botox, going up to around €650, depending on how much you’re getting done. For fillers, patients need to be particularly aware of potential cost-cutting. For a proper filler, you should expect to pay around €400 per syringe. So after paying such an amount, you have a bad experience,

The first thing you should do is to inform them that you are not happy with it and do not want further treatment, get information exactly what they used on you to consult with some professionalism. If you are in your forties and wanted to do Botox treatment on your face to prevent your ageing than HEALTH AND AESTHETIC CLINIC is the best place for it. The team of a professional dermatologist will treat you with care, there. I highly

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